Real Love Melbourne FL says, “Those first few dates are always going to be a little awkward but if you know how to get the conversation started then you can take some of that awkwardness away. The right questions depend entirely on what it is you want from the date.”

Ask yourself what you want to get out of these questions.

• For her to be comfortable.
Her being comfortable around you is important. This means that she is relaxed and is okay talking about herself and being herself around you.
• To Build Rapport
To build up a rapport you need questions that trigger a conversation and allow you to get to know each other. To build a rapport you need open ended questions.
• For Banter
If you want to get a girl talking then make her laugh. Unfortunately it can be difficult to work out effective funny first date questions. You don’t need to constantly ask her funny questions though. Just talk with the kind of humor that matches your personality.
• To Create Sexual Tension
If the date is going well then you can consider moving to more sexual questions. Remember to keep it tasteful though to avoid freaking her out. She still needs to know that you’re interested in her in that manner though. It’s a delicate balance.

1. Travel: Ask her where she has travelled and where she wants to travel.
These kind of questions work great on a girl who has travelled a lot or just wants to do it. When you talk about the places that you’ve travelled or want to travel you’re opening up the conversation to discussing great life experiences.

2. Childhood: Ask her what she liked about the area she grew up in
Asking someone this is one of the best first date questions there is. Instead of asking someone where they grew up you’ve provided them with an open-ended question that allows them to really open up about their life and you get a clearer picture of how they became who they are.

3. Personality: Ask Them What Idea They Would Take to “Shark Tank”
Giving them a real out-of-the-box question like this means that she has to think about the answer a little which is always good. You should also think about asking her what superpower she would have and why.

4. Dating: Ask her What Terrible Pickup Lines She’s Heard
When you ask her this question you give her an opportunity to vent and an opportunity for you to learn more about her. You also get to laugh along with her and connect with her over the answers that she gives.

5. Kissing: Ask Her What A Good Kiss Is To Her
A great flirty question to ask a girl is to ask her what makes a good kiss in her mind. This opens up the romance and the chemistry. You’re telling the girl that you’re interested in her and you’re also learning how she wants to be kissed.

6. Sex: Ask Her What Her Safe Word Is
It’s true that it’s sometimes fine to talk about sex on a date. There are some dirty questions that work well on a girl and some that don’t. Asking a girl what her safe word is, pardon the pun, a safe dirty question. It gives you the chance to swap from funny to sexy. This question is one that needs a good delivery. If you ask her in a sorta-joking-but-not-joking way then she’ll have a little laugh and you can really heat things up.

Real Love Melbourne FL Conclusion
Remember that you shouldn’t get too caught up in when it’s appropriate to ask a certain question because what you want out of the question is more important. You can have a set of questions that you always have as long as you


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