“When it comes to dating there’s always someone who makes the first move. It’s a delicate dance of invitation and reciprocation. The way that a relationship starts has an effect on the relationship as a whole and makes this first move so important,” says Real Love Melbourne FL.

Even though the traditional roles of men and women have changed over time many people are still confused as to what they should and shouldn’t do and what will and won’t work in dating.

5 Things Real Love Melbourne FL wants you to Think About Before You Make Your Move

There may not be any real hard and fast rules when it comes to making your first move but there are some things you should consider:

  • It’s best if your relationship is a complimentary one rather than a competitive one
  • Both of you will want to impress the other and this is especially true of the first stages of the relationship
  • Take your time when you start out as getting to know someone is a long process
  • Being focused on the end-game may work well in your career but it won’t work too well in your personal relationships
  • You should be more nuanced in your approach rather than going all out

When you’re more mature you tend to get a little stuck in your ways about how a relationship should work. Most older people are happy to play the traditional roles.

There are still plenty of women who enjoy it when the man makes the first move. On the other hand men are flattered by the initial interest a woman shows but they may lost their enthusiasm if they start to feel pressured or pursued by the woman.

Real Love Melbourne FL says, “There’s no need for dating to be an all-or-nothing type situation though.”

For a man to fall in love he really needs to be doing something and providing the woman with something of value and substance. Women start to develop deeper and more intimate feelings when she receives what the man is offering her. When a woman shows the man that she appreciates his efforts and acknowledges them it makes the process of getting to know each other more fun and interesting.

A woman should never underestimate her own feminine allure. She might have better success with some pre-dating efforts rather than just outright asking a man out.

5 Tips for Women

Women should consider making use of these time-tested flirting techniques:

  • The good old fashioned over the shoulder smile
  • Holding eye contact for a second longer than you should
  • Lightly touching his arm or hand
  • Asking a man for his advice, opinion, or help
  • Telling him how much you appreciate something that he does

If things aren’t moving at the pace you want or he won’t step away from the texts then you can get a little more direct. Send him a message about how much you would enjoy getting to talk to him on the phone if he wants to call you.

When you do something like that you’re taking away the risk of him making the next move without begging and losing your dignity. You’re inviting him to take things to the next level and putting the ball in his court. Either he makes a move or you move on.

5 Tips for Men that Real Love Melbourne FL wants you to know.

Women in general love it when a man takes the initiative and lets her know that he’s interested in her interests. You’d be surprised how sexy a man who has a plan is. When a woman enjoys the attention a man gives her it builds into attraction.

Here’s how you can tell if a woman is interested:

  • Compliment her on her smile or the way she looks; remember that women can go to a lot of effort to look the way they do
  • Ask her what her interests are and then make suggestions about things that you can do together
  • Try and make her laugh; women do love a man with a sense of humor. Avoid crass or corny jokes when you can though.
  • Do something nice even if it’s really small. Women notice the little things.
  • Just ask her out! Just having the confidence to ask her out might be enough to win her heart.

Never forget that you can’t have intimacy without risk or vulnerability. Someone has to risk something if they want to be rewarded. Can you do it? Love really is worth it so give it a go!



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